How To Play
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Open Tournament Rules

(Typical League Rules)

1. Composition balls will be used. (suggested size, 4 and a quarter inches in diameter     and 2 pounds in weight)

2. The coin toss will decide the starting team and the color of the balls.

3. The starting team will toss the pallino past the red “in-play line” and cannot touch the     back wall. Failure to do so, the opponents will then toss the pallino past the red “in-     play line” and the starting team begins play.

4. If the pallino is diverted, hit anywhere in the alley, hits the backboard, the sideboards     or returns in the playing area, it is still in play.

5. If the pallino is diverted outside the alley or bounces back past the alley’s “in-play     line”, play is terminated and the first lead player resumes play from the opposite     side.

6. If, after a valid play only the pallino remains on the court, the team that last played     must play again.

7. If a ball touches the backboard, without first hitting another ball or the pallino, the     ball is out of play and removed from the alley.

8. A ball that does not touch another ball and returns from the backboard into the field    of play and strikes another ball and/or the pallino, the thrown ball is out of play and    the pallino and/or other balls are placed to their approximate original positions.

9. The players should not step over the foul line before releasing the pallino or the ball.

10. Players may use the side boards at any time.

11. The tournament host will decide on the number of points needed to win a match.

12. All players must remain outside of the court while the opposing team is playing.

13. In a tournament where substitutes are allowed, a team may make one substitute      from their registration list per game. Once a player has been removed from the      game, the said player cannot re-enter the same game.

14. Volo shooting is lofting the ball in the air beyond the centerline of the court. Volo      shooting is not allowed.

15. In the case of a tie between two balls, the prevailing (or first ball) has to be beaten.      If there are no more balls left, the frame ends in a tie with no points being      awarded and the original leadoff team resumes play at the opposite end of the      court.

16. A ball played out of turn shall remain in place at the discretion of the opposite team      captain. If the ball is returned, all balls that were moved are returned to their      original places.

17. A team can measure any ball at any time.

18. In the event a ball is moved during measurement by an official, the ball is returned       to the approximate position. If however, a currently playing team member moves       the ball during a measurement, the point is awarded to the opposing team.

19. One team member can cross the centerline to measure balls.

20. Any dispute will be resolved by the tournament committee.

(approved by the Idaho Bocce Ball Club, July 27, 2010)